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Bulgaria a hot tourist destination


Bulgaria has seen its popularity among tourists rocket in recent years and the country's tourist trade looks set to see another bumper year in 2006.

With the growth of low-cost travel helping to boost the boom in travel around Europe, Bulgaria has been a major beneficiary as travellers have looked to the country as the perfect destination. Visitors are able to enjoy the warm weather and relatively cheap economy of the country and these conditions are set to see a boost in visitor numbers throughout the course of 2006.

British Airways launched two evening flights to Varna earlier in the year, but soon had to add further flights to the airport following a major growth in interest from customers in the UK. Demand among Britons for travel to regions such as Spain and France has always been strong, but as the global air market becomes more competitive and the range of options available to customers becomes greater, the British public is becoming far more adventurous. Bulgaria is one of the destinations reaping the benefits of this growth and it is anticipated that the country will become even more popular following its entry into the European Union (EU) next year.

British Airways has found that the routes are so popular that it is now opening them up all year round. Flights between Varna and Gatwick will now operate throughout the year into the foreseeable future, as the company recognises that more people want to travel to Bulgaria than ever before. With EU entry expected in 2007, that demand is only likely to increase.

Meanwhile, Bulgaria itself is continuing its preparations for accession to the EU by pressing ahead with the infrastructure developments the country needs to cope with an increase in tourism. On Monday July 24th, the mayor of Sofia turned the first sod of a new road in the country's capital. This road link will eventually link Sofia's Brussels Boulevard with a new terminal being established at the city's airport. Organised by the country's transport ministry, the event demonstrates the Bulgarian government's commitment to improve the quality of infrastructure in the country. The new terminal will be completed in December and it is planned that, by the time passengers are arriving at the terminal, the link will be in place to bring them directly into the city of Sofia.

With all this infrastructure development as well as the increasing demand from around the world – and particularly from UK holidaymakers – Bulgaria's position as one of the property development hotspots of the world continues to ring true.